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Stamford Muslims mark Ramadan (1434-h) with new mosque – Stamford Advocate

STAMFORD ADVOCATE — It takes Hafiz Haqqani Mian Qadri 27 nights to recite the Quran from memory. He will start the religious ritual this week, in the small white house where the Stamford Islamic Center community has celebrated the holy month of Ramadan since 1998. By the time Qadri utters the last letters of the sacred Islamic text in early August, he will be speaking in the center’s new home, a 5,200-square-foot mosque custom built for the area’s growing Muslim community.

“Listening and reciting the Quran is to believe in the words of God,” said Qadri, the imam at the Stamford Islamic Center. “Each and every letter of the Quran is protected by God.”… Read Full Article

Imam Hafiz Haqqani Mian Qadri speaks to a reporter at the current home to the Stamford Islamic Center on Outlook Street in Stamford on Monday, July 8, 2013. The center is moving to a place that is currently under construction next door on West Avenue. Photo: Jason Rearick | Stamford Advocate

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