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Important Message for the Fairfield County Muslim Community

As Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakata hu,

This week Stamford Muslim community representatives met with Mayor of Stamford – David Martin and Police Chief Jonathan Fontneau. We had a very good, cordial meeting and Mayor and Police Chief has assured us of added security for all of our centers in Stamford area. In light of events in Texas and Quebec city, we have requested a patrol car to be present at our centers all the time. If you notice anything out of ordinary please notify police and us ASAP. The patrol car is only there for our protection at our request so please be courteous.

It is very encouraging to see support from our neighbors and other interfaith members who have sent us numerous letters/emails of support.

Stay safe and let’s pray for harmony and solidarity.

Please stay vigilant, if you See Something Say Something.

Kind Regards

Board Member

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