Children’s Programs

Weekday school m-thursday 5-7 pm

Saturday school Saturday 11-1:30 pm

Girl Scouts Program Info – N/A

(Events children) Hoise competition with BICC October 15th 10-4 pm

Islamic Schooling

A well-structured Islamic education for the youngest members of our community. With a focus on Quranic memorization, Islamic jurisprudence, and moral education, our weekend and after-school programs aim to instill a deep-rooted faith in our children.

All provided at the center.

For Saturday School:

$400 USD per person per year.

$600 USD per year for two people.

For Weekday School:

$60 USD per month

School Calendar Fall Semester Spring Semester
First day 9.4.2023 1.8.2024
Late registration 9.21.2023 1.21.2024
Last day 12.22.2023 8.22.2024

Register in person or by contacting Khawaja Shahzad on WhatsApp

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